Start Up

What is a start-up?
A startup is a young company established by one or more entrepreneurs to create irreplaceable and unique services or products.
The intention of a startup is to grow rapidly as a result of offering something that addresses a particular gap in the market.

What is a start-up company?

A startup company is a newly formed business based on perceived demand for its product or service.

The first step in starting a startup is having a great idea. But a great idea isn’t enough to create a startup. Market research is the next step to determine how feasible the idea is and what the current marketplace looks like for your idea. After that, creating a business plan is the next step.

What is Business Idea?
A business idea is a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service. A business idea is the first milestone in the process of building a successful business.

What is Business Plan?
A business plan outlines your company structure, mission, values, goals, and objectives.

What is the SUV program in Canada?
Canada’s start-up visa program gives the opportunity to immigrate to Canada in order to establish a new business. Immigrant entrepreneurs whose business is innovative will create new jobs for Canadians, and can compete on a global scale can use the advantages of this program.

What are designated organizations?
Designated organizations are business groups that are approved by the government of Canada to invest in or support possible start-ups through the Start-up Visa Program. Organizations choose which business proposals to review. Each organization has its own intake process for proposals and criteria used to assess them.
Designated organizations are:
Venture capital funds

Angel investor groups

Business incubators

How can we help you?
We as the up-to-innovation consultancies team are the group of professionals ready to turn your business ideas into a business plan. Also, you can contact our advisors they help you find and join Venture capital funds, Angel investor groups, or Business incubators as designated organizations to obtain to support your business idea and give you a letter of support.
To apply for the Canada Start-up Visa Program, your business idea or venture must get the support of one or more of the designated organizations and your letter of support show that you have such support. Canada Start-up Visa Program is the way to help you to immigrate to Canada permanently and establish a new business there.

Have you established a company and need to develop your business?
It’s great!
Up to innovation consultancies team are all you may need to develop your business. Our business developers are ready to assist you with the difficulties which stopped your business development.

 Don’t you have a great business idea?
Don’t worry! We are here to help you to find the business idea on your work experience, education, goals, and background basis. Up to innovation team organized to assist you from business idea to find best investors, accelerators, and incubators, to get a letter of support to immigrate and establish your business and finally helps you to develop your business.
Here you can review some letters of support issued by Designated organizations For those who had a business idea and we assist them to immigrate to Canada or other developed countries through Start-up Visa Program.

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