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Business plan services and startup visa

Business plan services and startup visa

  • This scheme includes the following sections, but not limited to:
  • - Idea evaluation, development and idea examination
  • - Development of Minimum Viable products (MVP)
  • - Development and preparation of business plans, financial plans
  • - Administration of applications to be submitted for startup visa
  • - Startup practical training
  • - Prototype development and sample products

Startup and business developments

Startup and business developments

  • This scheme includes the following sections, but not limited to
  • - Analysis of business for ongoing business
  • - Business analytics and business development
  • - Revenue management and sales boosting
  • - Conducting market research and market analysis
  • - Business model review and extension

Connecting to venture capitals

Connecting to venture capitals

  • This scheme includes the following sections, but not limited to:
  • - Preparation of detailed financial plan
  • - Development of business model and business plan to apply for fund
  • - Connecting venture capitals and startups
  • - Administration of the process for getting fund
  • - Drafting and finalization of partnership contracts to be signed between startups and VCs
  • - Monitoring and administration of key performance indicators (KPI) after signing the contract
  • - Project management and contract management services
  • - Development of full feasibility study

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We are a knowledge-based company with several successful business plans and startups across the globe. Our services have been provided in Asia, Europe and North America.

What People Say

Aria M.

Uptoinnovation helped us with a market study and developing a great business plan to commercialize our startup idea and product. They helped us reduce our estimated time to market and costs significantly.

Maryam A.

Benefit from a professional team - precise planning - ideal and realistic business plan.
Everything was great.
Thank you very much for your support.

Mehdi H.

An applicable business plan, receiving a letter of support from the accelerator, and support from your professional team were all I needed.
Working with your team turned my great idea into an international money-making business plan.
Thanks a lot.