Startup Visa Canada


Our company services in Canada start-up visa Program

Forming groups of 1 to 5 people who have related and close educational records or work records*.

 Finding creative and innovative ideas suitable to the educational and professional background of each group accepted by supporting institutions approved by IRCC.

Preparation of a special business plan based on a creative and innovative idea.

Sending the file of the group to the designated organization for approval and acceptance.

Participating in incubation courses of the designated organization by group members.

 Issuance of  letter of support by the designated organization  for group members.

Advice on completing and submitting the supporting letter and all the required documents in the Start-up Visa application on the IRCC website to review the application for permanent residence in Canada through the Start-up Visa program.

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Canada Start-up Visa program

The prediction of attracting entrepreneurs and start-up companies through Canada’s start-up visa program in 2017 was not very successful because the  government if Canada focused only on attracting start-ups that had actually started their businesses and had products and services to offer. The failure caused the government in 2019, in a new approach to attracting more start-ups, started issuing start-up visa to groups who have creative and innovative business ideas, a solid and viable business plan, and related professional and educational connections and so on.

Since 2019, our company has provided complete services in the field of start-ups in line with the new approach of the Canadian government towards the Canada start-up visa.


* The company can create common and related points for forming a successful start-up group by carefully examining the professional and educational backgrounds of individuals.

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